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  Communication is perhaps the most important aspect of any business. One provider managing all the essentials saves frustration, time and money.

ADSL Connection
3DK provisions ADSL connections throughout Australia.

Many broadband adverts tell you how fast their broadband service is. Speed is important, but we want to focus on an equally important part of ADSL provision: responsive and helpful customer support.
Domain Name Management
Domain names are the addresses you type into your browser to visit particular websites.
Email also relies on domain names to work. Once you have a domain name, it is short work to create your own email address of This has many advantages for branding and professional communications. Many people register domain names purely to have their own email address instead of relying on Hotmail, Gmail or any other generic service.

Owning a domain name is a crucial first step in launching your business on the internet. Domain name management is often overlooked, treated as insignificant and a minor management issue.
Yet mismanagement has the potential to bring websites and emails crashing down.
3DK unpicks the things you need to know about domain names and crucially, about managing them.

Email Hosting
Email hosting services are mostly utilised by businesses that rely on custom email addresses that match the name of their company website domain. They allow users to create a variety of email types that utilise the same trailing address.

Why should I pay for email hosting when there are free email services like hotmail available?
Having your own business branded email is essential for any business regardless of its size. Think about it, you wouldn’t invoice or write to your customers on another company’s letterhead, so why should you use an ISP email address (such as Hotmail or Gmail) to contact your customers?

Networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data. Networks are built with a mix of computer hardware and computer software.

What advantage is Networking?

Cloud Computing - Rather than owning the servers that operate a computer network, many 3DK clients now take advantage of servers owned and operated by 3DK. This is "cloud computing," since the actual hardware is not at your location, neither are you burdened with the cost and time involved in maintaining the hardware and software. An example of cloud computing many people are familiar with is email, which is often stored off-site and can be accessed from just about any computer. This kind of network is extremely cost-effective, since 3DK bears the actual hardware, software and updating costs.

Internet - One of the most obvious savings to be found with computer networking is the ability to have several computers use the same Internet connection: saving costs on access to the world wide web. This takes place through either a router or a network server. The router sends the Internet traffic through either wireless connections or through Ethernet cables.

Hardware  - Networking also allows computers on the network to share various hardware components. If you have three computers that are not on a network and you wanted to print something out, each computer would need to have its own printer, or you would need to connect the printer to one computer at a time to do the printing. A computer network lets all three computers share the same printer without additional cost.

Remote Access  - Employees of a business who belong to a computer network can gain secure access from remote locations [only with senior approval]. An employee can access important data at any time via the computer network and can instantly share that data with everyone else on the network, enabling work to be accomplished more efficiently. At the same time, if you have a database of customer information on your central network location, several people can access the database in order to provide customer service simultaneously.

Software  - When a program is purchased and installed on a computer, it uses a single license. However, when a computer network buys the program, it involves the purchase of multiple licenses simultaneously, which usually carries substantial savings. In addition, computers on a network can have downtime reduced for updates when one central location does the updating for the various computers in the network.

Website Design and Hosting
3DK has innovative pricing models for website construction and hosting. Use your business capital for other important issues, whilst your website is up and running.

What are the benefits of a website?
Improve Credibility
Reaching a Wider Audience
Anyone, Anywhere & Anytime
Easy Access To Business Information
Securing Your Brand
Online Two-Way Communicative Marketing
Far Cheaper and Much More Flexible Than Print Advertising
Cheap Market Research

What are the advantages of a 3DK website?
3DK's pricing models and onsite servers allow for:
Keeping your website fresh
Website updates
Website crashes
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