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1. 3DK Pty Ltd (“we”) is committed to protect the privacy and personal data of our clients.
The online environment provides unprecedented access to information, but the convergence of communication and information technologies also brings a range of information privacy issues to the centre of public concern. To ensure your privacy, we have appointed a Privacy Officer to monitor our compliance with the various privacy obligations imposed by law, as well as those that we voluntarily take on. Should you have any questions or complaints about privacy issues, please contact the Privacy Officer at

2. Our Obligations
3DK has many obligations in relation to the protection of your privacy under various Federal Government Acts of Parliament, including the Telecommunications Act 1997. For more information on our obligations with your personal particulars, visit the Australian Privacy Commissioner's website at We are also a member of the Telecommunications industry Ombudsmen Limited.

3. What Information Do We Collect?
In the course of our normal business operations we collect information about you at different times. Instances include:
• Mandatory personal information needed for us to provide a service to you
• Non-personally identifiable (specific or aggregated) information.

3.1. Mandatory Personal Information
To operate our business successfully we request information such as your name, contact details, age and gender at the time we open your account. We will not disclose this personal information unless we have received your express consent to do so. The only exception to this is if it is required by law, that is, to answer a subpoena, warrant or in response to other legal processes.

3.2. Non-personally Identifiable Information
Information Apart from the mandatory information that we need to provide our service to you, there may be data (that does not personally identify you) collected to monitor and improve our service and performance. For example, when you visit a web page the URL requested is automatically recorded, as is the time and date requested, and the browser software being used. Specific or aggregate information may be collected to help maintain accurate accounts, assist in marketing our products and services and to help make our web site useful to you. For example, our server recognizes your domain name and the pages that you visit. This data is gathered in an aggregate manner for quality control and improvement of our sites. From time to time, we may provide aggregated statistical information about sales, browsing patterns and navigation techniques to reputable third parties. This is not personally identifiable information, and assists us to improve products and services offered.

4. What are "Cookies"?
A cookie is a message from a web server to your web browser, which is stored for later use. It means that when you visit the web site again, your browser recognizes your preferences for that site. Cookies generally enhance your Internet experience, but if you don't want to receive them you can set your browser to alert you when one is being sent. You then have the option of accepting or rejecting that cookie.

5. Personal Information Provided Voluntarily by
You From time to time we may collect information that you volunteer to use such as surveys, contests and on registration pages. If you ever volunteer to be involved with a customer base survey, we use the information collected only to improve your online experience. These surveys are strictly confidential.

6. Third party offers and Subscriptions
We do not reveal, disclose, sell, distribute, rent, license, share or pass on to any third parties your personal information without your consent. From time to time we may form relationships with other organizations to bring you special offers, competitions and subscriptions. For any third party offer or subscription, we require as a matter of policy that the third party clearly states their intentions with any information gathered, and attaches their privacy policy as a hyperlink to the offer or subscription. The terms and conditions of the offer should also be clearly stated. Please read this information carefully, and understand that it is your own choice should you choose to disclose your personally identifiable information to the third party. The information that you offer to the third party is voluntary. If the third party offer involves an ongoing communication such as a newsletter, we require as a matter of policy that there be an easy-to-use unsubscribe function, so you are able to opt-out when you want to. We enter into third party business relationships with care, and will not share, disclose or sell any personally identifiable information collected at our site with third party companies or organizations without these conditions being met.

7. How to Access or Update your Personal Information
Only authorized persons have access to your personal information, which we keep in a secure environment. We realize it is important for you to be able to control your personal details, and you can access and edit these within the Clients area of the our website.

8. No Guarantee
Whilst we undertake all reasonable steps to protect your personal information, sending and receiving information over the Internet is always at your own risk. No guarantee can be given that information sent over the Internet is completely and 100% secure.

9. How is Your Information Protected
The latest industry best-practices and technology is used to ensure your sensitive information is secure and is protected from unauthorized access or improper use. For example, you will note that while using some features of our website and online services such as Online Account Management, you need to submit a password before you gain access. Your personal password is confidential and is encrypted to ensure its secrecy. With your password, you are able to edit your personal details via the Client portal. Particularly sensitive information such as your credit card number is not stored in a server that is connected to the Internet. All transmission of data for the purposes of billing and collections is done via encrypted transmission between 3DK and the bank.

10. Unsolicited Commercial Email ("spam")
Spam is the Internet term for marketing or commercial email you receive for which you did not ask. 3DK does not and has never supported or condoned this practice. We have configured our mail servers so they cannot be directly used by a third party to send unsolicited commercial email or used as a staging post for an email attack on our members or any other group. We require our members to do the same to prevent their mail gateways being abused in a similar fashion. Our Acceptable Use Policy states that we will not allow our service to be used by you for the purposes of sending such unsolicited email. Emails relating to a pre-existing business relationship such as billing and service communications are not spam. These communications include but are not limited to, 3DK newsletters, welcome letters and any billing information we forward to you by email. These communications are an essential part of providing our service and you agree to these when you join our service as a part of the terms and conditions.

11. Children's Privacy
We do not market to children or knowingly collect personal information about children without parental consent. Children should always ask a parent before sending any transmission over the Internet.

12. Tips to Protecting Your Privacy
The following tips are essential to maintaining your privacy in an online environment: • We will never request your entire credit card details in an email. Do not ever submit your entire credit card details in email format. • Never offer credit card details in a chat room, via instant messaging services or in any other IRC environment. • We undertake all reasonable steps to ensure the privacy and safety of children using the Internet. Your children's privacy is very important to us, however the best way to ensure your children's safety is to supervise their Internet usage. • Always close your browser and log out once you have finished surfing the Internet to prevent other people gaining access to your information and correspondence. • We have no control over other web sites we may link to, and we take no responsibility for the conduct of these companies. Always read the Terms and Conditions when using other web sites.
• Keep your passwords and account details secret. If unauthorized access of your account occurs please inform us immediately.
• Beware of posting personal information in public forums such as Internet chat groups or newsgroups. If you voluntarily disclose personal information it may be collected and used by others.

Privacy Officer Contact
Should you have any questions or complaints about privacy issues please contact our Privacy Officer at
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