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3DK has been providing Cloud Solutions with our onsite Cloud centre for over 10 years.

3DK’s Cloud Centre is situated on our premises and under our direct control. Many providers of Cloud facilities outsource to a 3rd party, meaning they rent server space from another company who could be anywhere globally.

What advantage is Cloud Computing?
Traditional business applications can be complicated and expensive. The amount and variety of hardware and software required to run them can be daunting. You need IT experts to install, configure, test, run, secure, and update.
When you multiply this cost, time and effort across many applications, it’s easy to see why many big companies aren’t getting the applications they need. Small and mid-sized businesses don’t stand a chance.

The fundamental cloud computing infrastructure has won over the CEOs of some of the world’s largest organizations—these once-skeptical executives never looked back after experiencing first-hand the host of benefits delivered by cloud computing technology. hand the host of benefits delivered by cloud computing technology.
Remote Server
A Remote Server means there is no need for your business to maintain expensive servers in-house ie: software and hardware upgrades and/or replacements. Reduce running costs like IT support, electricity etc.
Managed Exchange
Managed Exchange can handle tens of thousands of e-mail accounts, calendars, contacts, and tasks.It’s meant for medium business sized companies and up. Cloud Exchange is a cost effective option for the business that wants to harness the power of an Exchange server but doesn’t want to pay for a full server license, buy the appropriate hardware and deal with the maintenance.

Data Backup Solutions
Data Backup Solutions is a secure and convenient means of replicating data over the internet to an alternate location to your primary onsite backup location.
In the event of a disaster impacting your infrastructure and your onsite backups, 3DK can restore capabilities to have your infrastructure operational again in hours.

Customised Coding
What is Customised Coding?
The latest innovations in customised coding are making cloud business applications even more mobile and collaborative, similar to popular consumer applications like Facebook and Twitter. As consumers, we now expect that the information we most care about will be pushed to us in real time, and business applications in the cloud are the solution.
What advantage is Customised Coding?
World-class service delivery. Cloud computing infrastructures offer much greater scalability, complete disaster recovery, and impressive uptime numbers.
Support for customizations coding.
Some IT professionals mistakenly think that cloud computing technology is difficult or impossible to customize extensively, and therefore is not a good choice for complex enterprises. The cloud computing infrastructure not only allows deep customization and application configuration, it preserves all those customizations even during upgrades. And even better, cloud computing technology is ideal for application development to support your organization’s evolving needs. Automatic upgrades that don’t impact IT resources. Cloud computing infrastructures put an end to a huge IT dilemma: If we upgrade to the latest-and-greatest version of the application, we’ll be forced to spend time and resources to rebuild our customizations and integrations. Cloud computing technology doesn’t force you to decide between upgrading and preserving all your hard work, because those customizations and integrations are automatically preserved during an upgrade.
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